How do I clean my cap?

This question was asked of us this morning and this is what we’ve come up with.

Always remember your cap is handmade from VINTAGE fabrics treat it nicely please.

Ok few things here.

1 – let it dry (as in if it is all sweaty let it dry out) once it is dry it may not need to be cleaned

2 – gentle handwash only – under no circumstances should you put your cap in the washing machine.

3 – Do not use hot water, especially if your cap is made from wool.

4 – Do not wash leather – remember the episode of Seinfield where Jerry wonders why leather can’t be washed when cows get wet? well learn from his mistakes and do not wash the leather.

5 – Do not use a Dryer

6 – after gentle handwash let it dry in the shade

7 – if that is all too much for you, just buy a new cap.


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