New Winter caps!

While the sun is getting ever warmer here in the land often known as ‘down under’ for many now is the time when the cold nips at your toes in the morning and forces you deeper under the covers missing those vital early morning rides.

With the true test being do you leave your warm snug bed for the call of the street where the ghostly fog lingers and creates weird shadows in the lights? Or do you roll over and convince yourself all your rivals didn’t make it out of bed either?

As many of us know, if you can make it out of bed that early morning ride with the steam rising from your mouth as you take each breath is the thing dreams are made of. It makes you stronger, faster, tougher and creates a kinship with the street that no other time of the day can ever foster.

Now with the warmth of a Rocket Fuel winter cap covering your ears the snooze button will no longer be your friend, you will already be on the road safe in the knowledge that come spring time you’ll be out front of the pack.


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