Loud noises in the park

The sound of a rear tyre under explosive decompression is much louder than I remember.

We went for a ride after work taking advantage of daylight savings. Left here through the traffic laughing at all the people sitting along in their cars waiting in traffic as we zipped by.

Into the park spotting a few tricked out bikes obviously here for the World Masters Games on this week, do the first quarter of the park loop and BANG!

Initially I didn’t even realise the noise came from my bike, slowed down and pulled out of the bike lane to find my rear tyre with a gaping hole. A quick dash down the road found the culprit a small branch maybe 5cm long that felt nice and pointy. I wasn’t sure that the branch had caused the tyre to pop until we pulled the rest of it from inside the inner tube.

Leaving the others to their ride I walked my bike home…at least I don’t live too far from the park.


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