Arm candy

Some girls like to be given candy, flowers or even jewellery and some of the presents I’ve been given make my girl friends go WHAT? (like carbon fibre bottle cages). Thing is most of those girls just don’t get it, it’s not about what you get or don’t get it’s about how much they care for you.

Which is why this present reduced me to tears.

It’s a Road ID tag. It has my name, date of birth, emergency contact numbers and allergies on it (and I have photoshopped it so you can’t read any of that online). It can be worn on your wrist or ankle. Now on all the rides I do on my own someone will always know who to contact should anything happen.

Hopefully I will never need it, but knowing that someone thought enough of me to want to keep me safe is an amazing thing and so much better than candy.


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