Sugar Spoke Pre Order

Sugar Spokes from Melbourne have put in a cap order but are offering it up for a pre order so if anyone wants one be sure to get in touch with the girls before the cut off date.
They’ll be handmade by Rocket Fuel. I like the cap I have made by them, and I think I might buy another… You can never have too many caps. $25 and it can be on your noggin.

I recommend you get one, even if only because every other person has a black cycling cap, and this thing is really going to pop… Especially from underneath your lid.

Owning one of the caps is not restricted to ladies who ride with us, and we’d love to see some guys reppin’ us. Although if you’re a lady in Melbourne who’s reading this and hasn’t joined us yet, well you should!

In order to ensure we get them before Christmas, the close off date for pre-orders will be Thursday 19 November.

If you want one, email us or swing by Sugar Spokes HQ (Fed Square) between 5.45 and 6PM tomorrow or next Thursday.


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