Super Mario Track – A great night out

The night started at a friends with wine and cheese with some jazz on in the background, cool, clam and sophisticated….that was not an indicator of things to come.

Leaving there we made our way to The Cricketers to be greeted with a sea of bikes and riders.

Luckily Lewis found me and gave me my checkpoint position, a box of lucky dip cards, the 2nd manifest and a bottle of rum, I gave him the winners red cap and we were off, back up to Oxford street and riding hard to make all the green lights on our way to the corner of Park and Elizabeth.

Grabbed the phone called Lewis to tell him we were ready and now it was the calm before the storm.

Patrick comes by with a spare pair of carbon wheels in his backpack, not in the event just swinging by to say hello.

Riders started to arrive and we got into the rhythm of lucky dip card, stamp first manifest, hand out 2nd manifest and if they pulled a blooper card they had to take a shot. More and more started to arrive and were scrambling to jump ahead of the others while I tried to make sure it was first there first served. Full to the brim shots were being downed with some riders disappointed to not pull a blooper card, as they wanted the rum. Riders who don’t drink alcohol were told to drop and do push ups.

Scott nearly lost his bike to a passing 14 year old girl and was telling her ‘it’s fixed you won’t be able to ride it” but the fact the top tube was closer to her chest height may have been the determining factor to her not being able to ride it?

Bright lights coming across the intersection were dazzling as a De Rosa with Ay-Ups accompanied an all white BMX complete with Tuffs.

Got calm again and the mozzies started to attack us while we waited, quick search of our bags proved that we had indeed forgotten the mozzie repellent.

Riders were coming in singles and pairs now, one painted all green, Stefan covered in balloons, Meg and Emily looking super cute in their Princess outfits.

Suddenly it was all quiet and we only had a scattering of riders coming by. The other checkpoints passed us going back to the pub but we thought we’d give it a few more minutes before we left.

One last rider and then Lewis calls to say head on back. Pack up head up William street stop for Thai food on Victoria Street and then feel too full to ride anymore so head home instead.

Great night out, thanks to everyone who organised, rode, supported and congratulations once again to Le Pista Resistance for an awesome event.


One response to “Super Mario Track – A great night out



    Sun, 31 Jan 2010 01:32:03

    Thanks again Susan!

    RocketFuel rocks my world!

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