A tale of two cities

As some of you know I’ve recently been overseas, while I was there I was taking note of how people use their bikes. Two of the places I saw a big difference in how they are used were Cambridge and London.
First up some photos of Cambridge.
Now for London
In Cambridge there is stacks and stacks of bikes everywhere and the students and townspeople are using them to go about daily business, but not that many of the bikes were in good repair. In fact some looked like total rattletraps that haven’t seen chain lube in forever.
In London it was almost a sea of fluro and surprisingly lots and lots of helmets! and so many folding bikes! don’t think I’ve ever seen so many folding bikes before.
Was so interesting to see how the cities were different. Here in Australia people often paint cycling in Europe as all sit up and beg bikes, all non cycling clothing, no helmets etc etc.
The reality is much different to what they claim but it’s always nice to see people on bikes all around the world.

One response to “A tale of two cities


    Richard Tulloch

    Sat, 29 May 2010 02:24:25

    As a half- Sydneysider/half Amsterdammer who’s just spent a few days in Cambridge I was interested in your British cycling photos.

    I felt very comfortable riding in Cambridge – though I’m not so sure I’d feel so confident in London.

    Riding in the English countryside is very pleasant too!

    Thanks and keep on riding and writing.



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