How do I describe all that this is?

Today is the last day for handing in the questionnaire that all finalists for the City of Sydney Business Awards need to hand in…and I’m stuck. Am down to the last question I have to answer and I can’t seem to come up with the right words.

: Please provide a brief statement that describes your business. This information will be published in our Awards Dinner programme and on our website.

Please use 50 words or less.
I can’t sum up all that Rocket Fuel means to me and all that I hope it will be. So I’ve started by just writing out in no order some of the things I want to talk about

  • Stylish wear for cyclists
  • Use vintage fabrics
  • Sweatshop free
  • Ethically made
  • Custom wear
  • Traditional with a modern take
  • Must work on the bike
  • Quality make and quality fabrics
  • Style
  • Tradition
  • Bespoke
  • designed
  • perfect fit
  • engage with the cycling community
  • the joy of riding in garment form

Rocket Fuel brings a modern take to traditional cyclewear. With vintage fabrics, exceptional design, outstanding fit and a genuine love of cycling, pieces work on or off the bike ensuring you look good all the time. Made in Sydney with ethical and sustainable practices this bespoke cyclewear will capture the heart of new, continuing and emerging cyclists.

Is good but doesn’t come close to the joy I have when I am working on pieces for customers knowing that they will be wearing them while out riding and what they will see and do and accomplish. Feel as if in some small way what I make each day helps us all go out and ride and enjoy things just a little bit more.

Questionnaire is now done! Huge thank you to all who voted, buy Rocket Fuel, stock Rocket Fuel in their store, tell people about Rocket Fuel etc etc. Is all very much appreciated and we’ll continue to work hard and do you proud.


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