Fixed Up at The Galleries

I’ve been meaning to add these photos up since I went to the Fixed Up exhibition and I just haven’t got round to it till now.

About the exibition

Fixed Up @ The Galeries is a free exhibition of Sydney’s fixed gear bike culture, celebrating and documenting Sydney’s bike scene. In conjunction with the Sydney Sunday Sessions bike crew, The Galeries will play host to an exhibition of photography, fixed gear bikes and artworks.

Sponsored by Incu, Carhartt and Graniph and supported by Sable & Argent and the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival with artistic contributions and installations from Mike Giant, Peter Bundy and Sydney Sunday Session,  the exhibition will run from 4 July to 15 August 2010 at The Galeries, 500 George St Sydney.

via The Galeries

Was great to see a major exhibition like this in Sydney and with roller racing every Thursday night for the duration of the exhibition it certainly raised the profile of cycling in Sydney.

Well done to the Sydney Sunday Sessions crew and all of the sponsors on presenting an insight into the fixed scene.


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