mmm cookies and cake!

image source: babble

Ok Sydneysiders here is your chance to channel your inner Cookie Monster enjoy some cake and help raise funds for Jase, Faz and Tommy from the Sydney Sunday Sessions (we wrote about their exhibition earlier this week).

They are planning to ride fixed from Melbourne to Brisbane in November. Over 2000km in 16 days!

So to help them out drop by Remy and Lee’s Cafe, 547 Bourke St, Surry Hills this Saturday and buy some cake.

Also no guarantee there will be Cookie Monster cupcakes but that image just too awesome not to share.

Image source: babble


2 responses to “mmm cookies and cake!

  1. This was the first thing Tilly saw when I opened my computer this morning. Predictably followed by ‘can I have those at my birthday party?’. Now planning a batch of Toohie Monster Tup Takes for Tilly…. 🙂

  2. way to go Tilly! we’ll be expecting photos of your impressive creations.

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