Things I made yesterday

Am running behind with handmade presents for what seems to be an army of small people so yesterday I finished off this little G’Raff sock creature. It is yet another of the amazing Craft Schmaft sock patterns.

It will be posted off this week. It was a distinctively odd feeling to be taking portrait shots of a toy but they looked so cool I had to share.

At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of hand making all presents this year. Am going ok with it all, though am now slightly behind so will be playing catch up for a few weeks and then it will be time to start prepping for Christmas.

And in a bid to help with heating/cooling of the studio without using electricity I made a door snake who was promptly named “Sid” and he’s been doing a mighty fine job of keeping the crazy wind out from under the door.

I also made a loaf of bread but we kind of ate that before I remembered to take photos of it and of course I made some cycling caps but those ones aren’t ready to be shown yet.

What did everyone else do this weekend?


3 responses to “Things I made yesterday

  1. Oh Susan he is so cool, I love the way he is sitting… a true G-Raf in da house! Thanks so much for the link love.

  2. Susan I looooove this giraffe and just want to squeeze him! Funny thing though, Miles just saw him and asked why he was dead? I thought that was very strange but then Miles explained that he has crosses for eyes (which is sometimes used in kids books to convey that the creature is dead). I have told Miles that this Giraffe is quite ok and he must understand though as he just asked if I could make him one!! 😀

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