GreenUps the night that was

Last night we headed over to Pyrmont to check out what was happening at GreenUps. We saw some friends, met some new people and heard updates on bicycle infrastructure from Bike Sydney, how to have your own bike gang from 3 point turnz and what will be happening at this year’s Sydney BFF.

Was an informative night out in the relatively informal setting of a bar, was glad we got in early as am sure I never would’ve been able to see over the crowd to the makeshift projector screen. Good to see lots of people being interested in the bike scene and judging by how full the Bike Valet Parking was it seemed like more people had ridden so that was very encouraging too.

I also had fun spotting Rocket Fuel caps in the crowd, is always fun to see them ‘in the wild’ as it were.

And now for some photos, I left the good camera at home and only had my phone so apologise for not the best quality.

Bicycle Infrastructure plans

Rocket Fuel Candy Cranks cap in the crowd

3 point turnz

Sydney BFF

Sydney Cycle Chic - Saskia

Rocket Fuel SYDBMA cap in the crowd

Rocket Fuel Le Pista Resistance cap in the crowd

Then as we were coming through the Pitt St Mall we spotted the General Pants window.

General Pants window

window display

BMX’s totally ruined by being entirely painted gold (at least they weren’t white). Seems a huge waste of energy to take what appear to be brand new bikes and paint them gold to be used for a window display and then possibly tossed out?

Surely it would’ve been better to put some logos on them and have a giveaway once the display was ready to be changed? That way it would’ve been more people on bikes, and less waste?


2 responses to “GreenUps the night that was

  1. Thanks for the Ups!

    Nice to see you and had a great night too.
    must admit I only had 2 caps in my bag one of them was the legend. Hautucam (or something like that)

  2. You should have passed Cotton On in harbourside. They had a few bikes on display and upstairs there were lacoste posters of more bikes =)

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