Harris Tweed on A Continuous Lean

My love of fabrics inspires much of what I do. The colours, the textures, weaves, prints, patterns just everything about it.

A Continuous Lean has done a round of up images and videos on Tweed production that is enough for me to go weak at the knees. Drop by and take a look on how this amazing fabric is continuing a tradition of quality hand produced fabric. Behold the power of Tweed.


2 responses to “Harris Tweed on A Continuous Lean

  1. As the owner of vintage bicycles and a few tweed breeks I can attest to the complimentarity. Comfortable warm in winter/cool in summer and breathable I enjoy cutting about in Harris.

    A new City of London Tweed cycling suit is available from Dashing Tweeds see http://www.dashingtweeds.co.uk/ – I’d love a lightweight Sydney tweed – Can anyone help me?

    • Hi,

      A lightweight tweed will be not only about the fabric but the linings etc in the jackets as some of these can be quite warm and not well suited to the humidity of Sydney summertime. I’d suggest checking with some of the local tailors as they will make one to your exact specifications. Good Luck!

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