Two Wheel Tours

Having a business that deals with cycling is more than just fun it’s like this fantastic extension of your lifestyle. So when I got an email from my friend Will telling me about his new plans it was so exciting to hear about.

Two Wheel Tours is a new venture which will let you travel Australia and the world with your bike and do some amazing road and mountain bike rides. Here is what will set them apart from other tours

There are many cycling companies out there; but what will make us different!? Our tour company, twowheeltours was created to take cyclists and their partners on tours to amazing destinations. Our subtle difference is that not only do we take those who cycle but we also take their loved ones (other than their bikes) along for the adventure. We offer a client focused adventure which is activity based for both the cyclist and non cyclist.

So now you and your non cycling partner can head out and have a great trip together and you get to ride as much as possible while they are taken care of, awesome.

Check out the full range of what’s on offer here


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