I went for a ride today and it was awesome

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down about cycling, I’ve been injured and unable to ride as much and all the fun seems to have been sucked out of it. All anyone ever seems to talk about is helmets, stupid articles in the newspapers that appeal to the lowest common denominator and just all other kinds of trivial junk.

And then I went for a ride. And all the trash just went away.

It was fun, it was liberating and I realised that real cycling no matter if it’s for commuting, fun or sport has almost nothing to do with all the never ending arguments.

So instead of boring or frustrating myself with silly articles and even dumber arguments, I’m just going to ride and have fun. Encourage others to ride and have fun and hopefully be sheer numbers of people riding and having fun there will be no need for all the other annoyances because everyone will be out cycling and not looking for something to argue about.

Go have a ride, it will make you feel better…it really will.


3 responses to “I went for a ride today and it was awesome

  1. I was out and about too this morning – sorry I didn’t bump into you:) It just makes life good even though I am now sitting at my desk and the payback for a 5am wakeup is now kicking in!

    It’s a beautiful day to be riding in Sydney – get out there!

  2. Nice little story Susan. I like to stick to ” just ride ” when it comes to bikes. I know everyone loves to talk weight weenie talk about all their latest and greatest gear, and the media loves to fill your head space with their sensational articles on helmets and cycle access, but,you know,climb aboard your bike and all that becomes secondary to the ride. Riding the bike is an amazing way to balance your life, to re-centre your universe and remind you why you love bikes so much. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Simon.

  3. Susan,

    Yet again something you have posted strikes a resonant chord for me. I have been confining myself to a trainer since returning from overseas to try and rebuild fitness and technique (Can you say boring?).
    Tomorrow i take a leaf from your book and hit the road, Hills in the Hills district, Crosswinds, magpies and the ghoul known as Alan Jones be D*mned!
    Thanks for cutting through some of the Cycle pontification and expressing the only necessary sentiment “Get out and RIDE!!”.

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