World Champs Posse at the Worlds

The World Championships are always going to be a great event, when that event is held in your own country (a country that doesn’t often get to see the superstars of cycling) then the expectations get even higher.

One of the huge highlights of the 2010 Worlds for me was not the PRO’s and the racing (though that was all awesome and will be covered later in another post) but the everyday fans who live and breathe their love of cycling and in particular those of the World Champs Posse. A group who knew each other via twitter and facebook and who were there just to cheer and have fun and meet people, it was a great thing to be a part of and I count myself so lucky that Rocket Fuel got to make their caps.

So here are some photos of the Posse as a small way of saying thank you for being such great sports and fans and friends.

If any of the Posse had some more photos they would like me to add, let me know and I’ll put them up or you can add them in the comments section too!


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