Win a Rocket Fuel cycling cap!

Win a cap of your choice

That’s right you can win one of our gorgeous handmade cycling caps and the only catch is we need you to measure your head.

In an ongoing effort to provide everyone with the highest quality, best possible fit and most amazing cycling caps we need to do a mini survey on head sizes.

So grab a tape measure and measure all the way around your head as straight as possible just above your ears. Then leave a comment on this blog post and let me know what size it measured at, in centimetres (children sizes are also welcome if you could also note their age that would be great!)

On the 15th of November I’ll draw a name at random and that person will get a cap!

So to win all you need to do is

– leave a comment on this blog post, comments on twitter and facebook won’t count

– include your head size, state if you are male, female or a child

– include your name. If you leave a comment as anonymous I can’t get in contact with you if you win.

– leave a comment before the 15th of November

Thank you, your help is very much appreciated.


45 responses to “Win a Rocket Fuel cycling cap!

  1. I’m male, and my head is 62cm. Large helmets are a VERY snug fit…

  2. susan makes a wide range of great hats for all ages . They are all great high quality hand made with a personal touch. You can wear them on your bike or as a fashionable item of clothing she also makes a wonderful wide range of great vintage stuff (some of what i dont have a clue about ) and as for my head size well its huge 😉 custom head size needed 😉 so get your winter summer hats direct xmas is coming so order soon if you want one there just amazing quality

  3. Pudden head here (male) Measurement 62cm

  4. I am male, 57cm for me.

  5. Hi Susan, I’m a hat nut, so know that I’m 58cm. Love the wooden stand.
    –Edward Re

  6. Male 56cm.
    Usually have no problem finding hats/helmets to fit. I must be fairly near the middle of the bell curve.

  7. Male, 30yrs, 75kg, 59cm for a tight fit.

  8. Male 57cm.

    For me,good fit depends if I have big hair or not . Currently I do not have BIG hair

  9. male, 59cm

    usually have trouble getting a good fit with hats

  10. my small girl brains are 54cm, but your hats still fit 😀 my sugar spokes cap is the only one that feels a bit big, but its also too deep rather than too large.

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  12. I’m male and my noggin is 57 cm around.

  13. I love your work -my bike loved pants now fit and look good again thanks
    I’m male boofheaded at 7, 7/8″

  14. I’m male, always wear a hat and my head measures… 56cm

  15. Hi Susan, I’m a bloke, and I really don’t quite understand how I fit all these brains and good looks in a head that only measures 59cm?

  16. Hi Susan, Male with a shamefully small 54cm head…..I buy my winter hats from the childrens department of H&M and my wife laughs.
    The polka dot hat I bought from you needed a wash & tumble dry, but now fits like a glove (on my head).

  17. These are the best cycling accessories known to mankind :))

  18. Female, 56 cm

  19. Such wonderful caps – so excited about this chance!

    I’m male, somewhere between 58 & 58 1/2 cm head size.

  20. Hi! My male head is 59cm. Good luck with you survey.

  21. hi susan

    pretty much excited to enter the contest.
    male with 56cm head??(like the pista resistance ones??)

  22. Hi Susan

    I’m male with a 58cm head and no hair to fill out a cap. Most of your caps I tried fit well though.

  23. I’m a girl with a 56cm head.

  24. I am a newbie male with a 59cm noggin.
    These caps are cool!

  25. My tiny girl head measures 53.5cm.

  26. Male with a 59cm scone. Sounds like an add on RSVP really. I also enjoy long rides down by the beach (road).

  27. Hey Susan,
    Tilly 48cms 3yrs old
    Miles 51cms 5yrs old
    The D man 58cms
    Me 57cms

  28. Hi Susan,
    Male with a 58cm head. lol. decent size i reckon. =)

  29. Hi Susan,
    I’m male and have a 53cm head. Got one from Sash @ pony bikes and love it. Need to get one of the Champ ones too soon. Thanks

  30. ok im gonna make this plain and simple, I read i could get a hat for a comment,, gimmme gimme gimme a hat please i made a comment im deserve there the best hats in the world .

  31. hey susan!
    im a guy and my head is 57 cm and a hat would be perfect for it.
    luck with your survey

  32. @cleopompom – adult female – 53cm

  33. Hi Susan,
    This AquaGirly, despite being the” brains of the operation” fits neatly into a 56 cm sized cap. I’m really looking forward to our next cap adventure together, new designs nearly finished. Talk soon.
    ~ Nicole Chester 🙂

  34. Hi there, love your work!

    My head is 58cm (male)

    Keep up the great work

  35. Hi, I am 8 days old and daddy says I would look super cute in a cycling cap – if only he could find one in my size.
    My head is a wee 36.5cm. I am a boy.

    Grrr, burble, pffft, fart (Thanks in baby talk)

  36. I hope I win! My head is 57.15 cm. Love your hats.

  37. Male with a 59cm head. I find caps a little hard to find so I’ll be grabbing one of your’s regardless!

  38. I’m a guy and my head is rather large – 60cm. I always have trouble with “one size fits all”.


  39. My Melon is 61cm!

    M@ (@igitpup)

  40. Female with a 59cm head 🙂 Full of brains!


  41. Wow I’m only 19cm or 61cm – depending upon which way the tape measure is. And male. (@HTFU_Princess)

  42. Female, 23cms. Except when my hair is long, it gets very thick and I creep up to 54

    Btw, look what I just bought:

  43. male, 59cm. but when I’m on a long ride, or its a hot day (or unfortunately when both happen to coincide) it feels like my head swells to a good 5 or 6cm larger…

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