TDU Posse cycling caps now available!

At the World Championships in Geelong there was one Posse that stood above all the rest. Filled with passionate fans from around the world they cheered on all the riders and looked mighty fine in their custom caps. Now the same Posse are standing proud once again to cheer on the legends of the sport at the 2011 TDU and as always they will be leading the style stakes in their custom caps.

Cap sizing is approx 54cm to 61cm, as all pieces are individually made this can vary slightly. If you require a different size please measure around your head above your ears and provide the measurement with your order. A cap will be custom made to your size.


2 responses to “TDU Posse cycling caps now available!

  1. D is planning on taking Miles so may have to get a little one made again 🙂 hopefully they’ll get there this time, Miles just HAS to see Cav lol. Are you guys going?

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