Sydney BFF street fair wrap up

What a weekend! The Sydney BFF has just been here and it feels like you pack a years worth of bike goodness into just a few days! This week I’ll be posting up reviews of the films but thought I’d start the week off with a wrap up of the street fair from Saturday.

Was a great day, fantastic weather, nice fun atmosphere and most importantly lots of people really excited about bikes of all shapes and sizes.

Bike Valet Parking was filled to capacity for most of the day.

Highlights from the day

  • amazing beach umbrellas from Basil Bangs keeping the sun off and setting the scene for fun festival atmosphere. If you want a great looking way to keep out of the sun they are fantastic!
  • lots of great stalls filled with amazing talents
  • Kelsey’s vegan chocolate rhubarb muffins (so yummy!)
  • sharing iceblocks with the BVP team (awesome work by all the Bike Valet Parkers they had a busy day)
  • talking to everyone about their bikes and where they have been exploring by bike
  • Rocket Fuel had a super special on our fabric covered bike baskets and it was so nice to see so many of them be colour matched to their new bikes and head out to be super useful. (If you are one of the new basket owners we’d love a photo of you with your bike and basket to share on the blog.)

Lowlights of the day

  • missed the BMX jam, am not sure if it was on or not?
  • another stall holder sending up a friend to find out where I get my vintage fabrics from and saying “can’t you just give me the pattern that way I can make my own?”. Then later on sending up 2 more friends who picked up most of my products had an indepth conversation about how they were all made and then saying “well we can do that” and walking away. I know I’m not the first to make cycling caps but to stand in front of a persons stall and talk about taking their patterns and construction to use for yourself is so not right. Really disappointed in their attitude and lack of respect.

Congratulations and thanks goes to

  • The BFF team really stepped it up this year with extras like the street fair made for a really different day out and everyone was really enjoying themselves. Great work to all the team.
  • All the volunteers at BVP keeping everyone’s bikes safe all day (wish there was BVP more places that would be so cool!)

More photos from the day can be found here on the Rocket Fuel website.


2 responses to “Sydney BFF street fair wrap up

  1. yeah, what an awesome day. The vibe really was nice and all types of riders came to look and see. Bike polo was held in the very narrow alley, really quite a sight.

    The BVP was indeed over busy but we just wore it “as is”.

    Thanks for the Ice Blocks, they definitely kept us cool and on the ball and at just the right time.

    big ups…

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