Rocket Fuel cycling caps in Treadlie magazine

Just picked up the first issue of Treadlie magazine published out of Melbourne.

It features some Rocket Fuel cycling caps!

Not had a full read through yet but so far looks good. Is aimed at the commuter/transport type rider.

Thankfully the magazine steers away from the “anti road cyclist” tactic in it’s own pages but sadly this article in The Age dregs up much that is bad about that sentiment. If the focus can stay away from the us v’s them argument the magazine could be really great. Showcasing a lifestyle around riding to and from places and the cafes, brands, experiences that can be had from that.

Looking forward to what issue 2 has in store already!


2 responses to “Rocket Fuel cycling caps in Treadlie magazine

  1. Hi hi! I come to your lovely blog via Treadlie magazine
    where I spotted your fabulous cycling caps! I fell in love with
    your strawberry cap with the red GT stripe down the middle. Just
    visited your website to see if I could snaffle one for myself and
    couldn’t find them. Are you out of stock of these? Any chance of
    ordering one? Many thanks! Kendall

    • Hi Kendal,

      Great to hear from you!

      All of the caps on the site (apart from the custom designs) are one off pieces made from vintage fabrics. So once they are sold that’s it.
      Once we are back from holidays next week a whole new batch of lovely vintage fabric caps will be added to the site and I am sure you will find one equally as lovely.

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