The best blog posts of 2010 as chosen by Rocket Fuel

In no particular order the blog posts from 2010 that made me want to be more, work harder, be inspired and forever grateful that I learnt to ride a bike,

2010 Rapha Gentlemans Race Report by Grit&Glimmer

“suffering like a pair of pitiful, mutant bicycle siamese twins, we pedal on”

If Heidi’s account of riding a tandem didn’t similtanously make you want to never ride a tandem and vow to get out there and ride a tandem then I don’t know what will. (Truth be told I could have chosen almost any post from Grit&Glimmer for the entire year, inspiring beyond words).

The Stelvio and Gavia, Northern Italy by La Gazzetta Della Bici

“experience everything by myself, alone, the way I like it, freewheeling exhausted all the way down”

Simon has strength beyond measure and the way he speaks of his struggles so openly just proves even more the strength he has. This post on his ride up some of his favourite passes makes me want to dream bigger and achieve more and the struggle will only make the achievements feel even sweeter.

2010 Melbourne to Warrnambool by Cycling Tips

“a wall of 60km/hr winds and downpours of sleet and rain would hit us straight in the face”

This was a hard choice I couldn’t decide between this and the lead up posts to the Geelong World Championships that Wade did which were invaluable in planning our trip to the Worlds in Geelong. This post on the “Warny” won out because not only it is a great read on what must have been a horrible day in the saddle, but also because it celebrates a race in Australia that is as full of history and characters as many a European race. Proving that history is what you make of it and just because Australia is far away doesn’t mean there aren’t everyday hero’s riding right here.

This year has been filled with high’s and low’s and so many wonderful people, times and rides. Next year I’m taking Heidi’s advice setting some real goals and fighting for them. Hope you can all join me for the journey.


One response to “The best blog posts of 2010 as chosen by Rocket Fuel

  1. Much obliged and super flattered! Thank you so much! It
    gives me some consolation that the most intense suffering of my
    year yielded something that could entertain!

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