D.I.Y Tuesday – how to catch a bike thief

Hopefully none of us are experiencing the need to do a D.I.Y to catch a bike thief but this description of how to made me giggle

how to catch a bike thief

1. find sliced-through bike lock with no sign of bike.
2. cry a little. take the bus home.
3. file police report.
4. observant boyfriend finds suspiciously similar bike for sale on craigslist 4 days later.
5. call police. holiday. crap. keep calling. call more police. call police in the city the bike was stolen and the city it’s now for sale. stop police on the street to get advice. call some more. finally get a hold of someone who tells you what you need to do next.
6. have bf call the craigslist number and act like he’s interested in buying the bike. send brave, even-tempered bf to check it out to make sure it’s the stolen bike. be impressed at said even-tempered boyfriend’s ability to not punch the guy in the face.
7. call police, give them directions and a description. then wait. wait some more. try to think of something else. Go thrifting. go buy some cupcakes.
8. get call from police saying you can come pick up your bike – !!!
9. pat yourselves on the back. Eat a cupcake. Buy huge-ass bike lock

via here


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