D.I.Y Tuesday – make a TRON bag

I saw the new TRON back in December and really enjoyed it and now I’m so tempted to add this cool D.I.Y to one of my courier bags.

This is LadyAda and she has given a fantastic D.I.Y on how to transform your bag into a TRON inspired flash of awesome. Check out all the instructions here

In the meantime I keep looking at this photo of EL wire she put up

Surely this is a product just screaming out to be used on another bike D.I.Y imagine how much it would make your commuting bike glow!


2 responses to “D.I.Y Tuesday – make a TRON bag

  1. Funny you should say that! We make a product specifically designed for bicycles.. 🙂 I love that bag, and Aqua is the best color.

  2. Complete El Wire kit to D.I.Y. your bike and make it glow at http://www.bikeglow.com. It’s made for the bike, waterproof, comes with all the attachments you need, no soldering. It’s time for commuters and urban bikers to light up their bikes! Good times…

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