Custom musette for Smudge!

Cycling is filled with characters and that’s just a small part of what makes it so much fun. One of the characters from Adelaide is Smudge. I first met Smudge via twitter when after I had tweeted that I was going to ride the Fat Cyclist 100 miles of nowhere he decided he would too. Not only did he smash the 100 miles required I think he also managed to con a large number of other Adelaide cyclists into coming along and riding with him but also got freebies from nearly everyplace in Adelaide to help sustain them while they rode their trainers and helped to raise money. Amazing stuff.

He’s also a big part of the World Champs posse and Tour Down Under posse and generally an all round nice guy.

So when I was contacted by a friend of his to make him a custom musette I jumped at the chance. Armed with the inside knowledge of the colours and style of his custom Smudge cap I knew just what his musette should look like.

I really hope you like your musette Smudge and was so happy to help make a gift to you from your friends. Keep riding and who knows maybe one day we’ll actually meet in person.


5 responses to “Custom musette for Smudge!

  1. That is Great Susan. He will be blown away. And yes he is one of Natures Gentleman who is ALWAYS thinking of others before himself. A great advocate for cycling.

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  3. .. and it was nice you could get him to model it for you for the photo!

  4. Ah, I love you Susan! How cool are you, and you kept the font the same as the cap too! I love it! Awesome awesome musette, thank you very much!

    We certainly did raise some coin that day. I was lucky enough to have some great friends volunteer to join me, and it looked great having a row of us in the Square pedalling away! Derek & I have been talking about staging one here in Adelaide we enjoyed it so much, so stay tuned for more info on that one later in the year!

    Thanks again for all you do for cycling Susan, love your gear!

    Thanks Megan for the brilliant present!

    Keep the rubber side down,


    • Am just so happy that you like your musette. Was all organised by the wonderful Megan and was a pleasure to work with her to create something just for you.

      Looking forward to the 100MON this year would like to exceed my effort from last year. Good Luck with staging one in Adelaide am sure you’ll have lots of eager riders keen to participate.

      Keep riding!

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