Rocket Fuel in training – Original Source

The weather here has been not so much hot as humid. That kind of stickiness that makes working out a real effort, not in the actual doing but in the getting started.

I could fall into the trap of saying to myself “do the workout and give yourself a cookie” or some other food reward. But really that would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

So if you want to give yourself a treat for doing some hard work you need to grab some Original Source shower gels.

I’d been told about this product before going to the UK, I was promised that it was the best product ever…I had my doubts, but then I tried it. It is brilliant, now each time we come back from the UK we carry as much back in our luggage as we possibly can.

So you can imagine my excitement when we found out it is now available at the supermarket in Australia and for the bargain price of under $5.00. Packed with all natural ingredients it not only smells divine (I love the Minty one!) it feels great on the skin is better than other shower gels I’ve used and is a nice alternative to soap .

Seriously best bribe to go and do a workout, grab some and treat yourself now!


2 responses to “Rocket Fuel in training – Original Source

  1. Hey Susan,
    I searched these out today as a little gift for the D man given that he’s showering after cycling in the City Cycle Centre now I thought it would be a nice pick me up before work. Thanks for the tip – I hope he loves them as much as you do! 🙂

    • That’s a great present idea, how yummy are the shower gels? smell amazing and just so perfect for that post ride wash to get the icky sweat feeling away. He’ll just have to remember to not leave them in the work showers or they’ll get stolen!

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