In the studio – reading, cleaning and playing

As a creator of things I love to see how things are made. Be it from cooking to movie making I love seeing the processes. So each week I’m going to share a few photos from around the studio with you so you can have a sneak peek into the inner workings of the Rocket Fuel studio.

Afternoon tea with two new magazines to read, the ever lovely frankie and the 2nd issue of Treadlie.

Today’s tea is New Zealand breakfast by T2 a light black tea with a hint of kiwi flavour. Yummy but not too heavy so perfect for that mid afternoon break. The staff of the two closest T2 stores know us by name we are in there so often to restock our shelves.

After an early morning ride on Sunday the road bikes got some TLC with a clean. While they weren’t overly dirty it was a good chance to get rid the road grime, droppings from fig trees and re oil the chains.

They looked very sparkly in the sunlight after we’d finished but I forgot to snap a pic to share. Of course cleaning the bikes did mean that it had to rain today though didn’t it?

The last of the cat toys. I know I had a large collection of small mice, feathers and sparkly balls for mini to play with but she seems to have squirrelled them away someplace and this is the sorry collection of toys leftover. So high on the to do list is to make some more toys for her to play with. Might even make her a new bed for the winter time so she has something to snuggle up in when she’s not trying to steal the blankets off me!


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