Rocket Fuel in training – tea

So for awhile now I’ve been sticking to my 1200 calories per day with one cheat meal a week*. Some days are a breeze and other days I don’t feel hungry as such but more that “am bored want something to eat” mindless eating that so many of us fall trap to.

While one of the tricks I use to prevent this useless kind of eating is to drink water some days I find a cup of tea even better. Black tea with no milk or sugar is zero calories. I have black teas with flavours added, herbal teas, green teas, actually pretty much name any kind of tea and we have it. Not only does it taste delicious the very act of making a pot of tea (no teabags real tea leaves only) and sitting down to a cup of tea makes you relax and as you tend to drink slowly it helps your mind think you are full and suddenly the mid afternoon snack attack is gone and you didn’t consume any unnecessary calories.

Afternoon tea from Monday

For some yummy tea check out T2 and for more information on tea in general take a look at Tea Classified a great book packed with information on all things Tea.

*a 1200 calorie diet is not suitable for everyone. If you wish to lose weight research and visit your doctor before limiting your calories. If you just want to be more vigilant with your food choices then reach for the cup of tea rather than the cake at morning tea time.


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