Rocket Fuel in training – I’ve gone to the darkside

Yep this time I’ve well and truly gone to the darkside….I’ve taken up running! uh huh you read that right, running. I’ve never been a runner, at school I was terrible at it and outside of school I always figured my bikes were faster and more fun so why bother?

Then a few weeks back my weightloss was plateauing so I began to think “what else can I do to bump it up again” at about the same time I read a post from a friend who has been to attempting the couch to 5k program.

I forgot about it for a few days and then while discussing fitness regimes with my bf said that I’d been considering taking up running. He’d been thinking the same thing for himself so a plan was put into place we’d start that Sunday afternoon.

I looked up the couch to 5k program and was pretty impressed that they’d taken the idea of a non runner and turning them into one in about 9 weeks. To make it even easier there was even an iPhone app I could buy that would count out the intervals for me so all I had to do was walk or run when it told me to!

So we started. It must look so funny when we run together. He has the long lean legs of a cyclist I have the short stumpy legs of a hamster and take at least three steps to every one of his strides. But I persisted and have continued to do so. This Sunday will start the 4th week of the program.

Am I loving it? No not really. Running is really undignified when you are just starting. Everything jumps up and down on your body, you go bright red, you sweat unbelievable amounts, your hair plasters itself to your head and sticks to your face and it works you hard. All of which feels not so great. But, and this why I think people do run, if you can get past all the unpleasantness and make it through the workout you feel amazing. Even better the next set of kettlebells I do after a run make me feel like a goddess.

After the first week we decided to investigate some better running shoes. A trip to The Running Company had me running on a tread mill for the first time in my life and getting analysed for a pair of trainers.

Personally I would have liked something a little more sleek and speedy looking but am sure that’s just me being a designer and wanting something that looks cool. Hopefully these do the job and help me become a better runner and lose weight and gain fitness along the way.


4 responses to “Rocket Fuel in training – I’ve gone to the darkside

  1. Good on you! I’ve been running for many years and I still get the pasted hair on my forehead and the undignified red face!! I love it though and if I don’t run for a few days my legs get twitchy for it! There are some great 5k and 10k runs here in Melbourne. I’m working up to the Outback Marathon (actually I’m going to try the half marathon) in July! It just sounds spectacular!!
    I’ve started wearing cotton/wool arm warmers that I made as it’s become cooler in the mornings but not cold enough to warrant a long sleeve top.
    Good luck with your training! I can highly recommend smiling at other runners – after all we’re all in pain together!

    • Thank you! Now that I am getting the hang of it a bit more it is getting slightly easier but is mostly just really hard work! It does make you feel amazing though.

      The Outback marathon looks spectacular, can’t wait to hear all your stories from it. So far my goal is to get to the end of the program and keep consistently running. After that though new goals may be required?

      Love the idea of the armwarmers. Have you ever run in really cold weather? like snow? what do you wear in those conditions?

  2. I would just like to bring your attention to Rule 42:
    “A bike ride/race shall never be preceeded with a swim and/or followed by a run.”

    Dispensation for a ‘tootle’ to and from the park to facilitate a run is however given.

    • While strict adherence to the Rules is advised, surely wanting to look more EURO in kit allows that occasionally one must engage in other activities to get the required physique?

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