In the studio – sounds of the studio – Podcasts

This week’s In the Studio is all about sound, I’ve found that working on my own is very quiet and while TV and movies are good they can get very dull very quickly. Podcasts on the other hand are wonderful to listen to while I work. Here are just a few of my regular listens

Bicycle Radio – great way to keep up on all the PRO cycling news and events and a hefty amount of laughs as well. If I can’t catch the live episode I make sure to get the podcast.

Flammecast – only a new comer but so far coming along strong and covering interesting cycling topics so certainly looking forward to hearing more from them.

The Sporkful – with a tagline of “it’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters” these guys cover everything from the best way to eat a hotdog to rating the toppings that go on icecream. Their recent double episode about tea had me in stitches laughing as the tea must taste horrible (tea bags or reusing black tea leaves over and over). They really needed an Englishman to make some real tea for them (highly recommended way of having proper tea).

Wittertainment – Kermode and Mayo’s film reviews from BBC Radio 5 live – THE definitive guide to movies. If the good doctor’s don’t approve of a movie I will most likely not see it. If however the film is so bad it prompts a Kermodian rant than most likely I will see if just to see how bad it is (that has made me want to poke my own eyeballs out on occasion as the film has been THAT bad).


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