D.I.Y. Tuesday – frites and a free Paris Roubaix giveaway

It’s almost time for Paris-Roubaix and around here that means it’s frites (Belgian chips) cooking time. Now to make frites is really easy but there are a things you need to get right

1 – get good potatoes. Ideally you want something that will fry well and give you a crispy golden outside but with a fluffy centre. Peal then cut them long and thin but not too thin. Too thin and they get limp and break. I’ve found about 1cm cube width is pretty good as it is a good ratio of cripsy skin to fluffy inner. Once cut wash and dry thoroughly. It is very important the frites are dry before you start the cooking process.

2 – heat oil in a large pan. Start adding small batches of frites at a time. Allow them to get slightly golden before pulling them out and placing them on paper towels. Continue until all frites have been done. If you have guests coming and don’t want to miss any of the action of the race this can be done beforehand. If you choose to do that do not put a cover over the frites or they will go totally soggy and you will end up with an oily mess.

3 – once you are ready to eat re heat oil in pan. Must be very hot. Now add pre cooked frites in small batches to the oil. Cook until deep golden brown, remove from oil and place on paper towels. Once all frites have been cooked you are ready to eat. Garnish with some quality sea salt and have some mayonnaise for dipping.

Frites should be served in a paper cone as shown below.

Image via Twisted spoke

But this is Paris Roubaix we are talking about so not just any old paper will do. We’ve designed a very special paper you can download and print so you can make your very own Paris Roubaix paper cone.

Print onto an A4 piece of paper and roll to create a cone to place your frites into before serving (if you want to get super fancy cut a piece of greaseproof paper to A4 size and place it on the underneath of the print before rolling into a cone. It will help prevent some of the oil stains coming through).

Download the full colour version (with yellow background) paris roubaix full colour

Download the black, white red version – print onto yellow paper paris roubaix bwr

Have a great Paris Roubaix from everyone here at Rocket Fuel!


3 responses to “D.I.Y. Tuesday – frites and a free Paris Roubaix giveaway

  1. Hi Susan,
    What a great idea. The frites takes me back to 1996 when I visited Bruges and had lunch in the town square. Every food seller had ” Moules and frites ” on the menu ( Mussels and chips ) and I was in heaven sitting in front of this huge bowl of Moules and frites.
    I better go and get some spuds.


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