Riding with style – hair part 1

A common question I get asked when talking about riding is “but how do you keep your hair looking good?” So here are a few tips for your hair looking stylish while riding

1 – a great haircut, be it long or short regular trips to the hairdressers will give you great looking hair, so just because you are riding more doesn’t mean you can slack off on the appointments

Am totally digging this slightly asymetric hair on Olivia Wilde in Tron

2 – hot irons. These things are almost too good to be true. From bed hair to perfection in a matter of minutes. If you’ve got a long commute I’d even suggest grabbing a second pair to leave at the office to save carrying them to and fro each day.

3 – Morocan oil, thankfully I am blessed with fairly straight hair so rarely have to deal with the dreaded frizz. But even so a tiny dab of this oil rubbed through my palms then smoothed over my hair ensures a super glossy perfectly flat flawless finish. Once your hair is dry after each wash run your hot irons over it and then a dab of this to finish and voila! perfect hair till the next wash.

4 – hairspary is your friend. I know many associate hairspray with big hair bands of the 80’s but a light dusting of hairspray before you head off on the bike will keep you looking picture perfect.

This is not the hairspray look you are after, move along

5 – embrace the messy revolution. Hair styles come and go and for those with long hair it’s so easy to work with the possible windswept look of being on the bike. Messy side buns, a cute not too perfect braid all look so chic when done in an understated way. Start practising to see what works for you.

Jessica Alba rocking the perfect messy side bun hairstyle

Next week we’ll be talking about all kinds of ways you can help disguise and enhance your hair after a ride, from bows to caps and tonne of other tricks and tips.

For now if you have any tricks you use add them to the comments would love to hear from you and how you keep your hair stylish while riding.


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