30 days of biking – day 28 – in which I rode to do a run and rolled my ankle

Ride – Headed to the park on the bike to then go for a run, got rained on, on the way to the park but had stopped raining by the time I chained up the bike and was ready to run. Did my warm up and had run for 3 minutes when I rolled my ankle. Lots of yelling, then some sitting, then testing it to see if it could hold my weight then restarted the run timer from the beginning and did my run. Was cautious but ankle didn’t hurt too much. Then rode home via the supermarket.

Ankle is now swollen but not too bad and being iced. This is the second time I’ve rolled this ankle in the past 2 weeks. It had been badly injured many years ago and is normally OK but a moment’s inattention today made it roll. Next time will be more careful.

So after that tale of woe I leave you with a picture of Aussie the puppy (he’s an Australian terrier). Whom I did not see today but am sure he would’ve liked running in the puddles in the park.

Time – lunchtime

Weather – Rain, cloud, sun

Where – Centennial Park, Sydney

Tally – days biking 24, days not biking 4, number of rides 25


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