Riding in style – hair part 2

Last week we talked about ways to keep your hair looking good while on the bike and off the bike.If you needed some extra inspiration check out this “how to” on sweet summer braids.

This week is all about hiding your hair, well not exactly hiding but there is certainly an element of distract and conceal.

So first up

Caps, hats, berets, beanies and all other manner of things that can be contained under the word of hat.

Embrace the hat it is a lifesaver an instant style hit and can cover up a bad hair day faster than all other things (sometimes it can even improves a good hair day too). Obviously I am a big fan of the traditional cycling cap as it fits snugly under my helmet and can be worn on or off the bike. However if you have a slightly more corporate environment there is a myriad of hats out there that will enhance your outfit.

Scarves, have to admit am a recent convert to the art of scarf tying but now that I have learned a few tricks am loving it. Can dress it up or down, be classic like Jackie O or more bohemian. Learn to tie a scarf well in a few different ways and stash one in your desk drawer and never again will bad hair ruin your day.

Try Hermes for their “playtime with a scarf” download for some hints and tips.

Elsie at A beautiful mess has some great tips on styling a scarf here. Or type “how to tie a scarf” into google and check out all the videos and how to’s that pop up (isn’t the web great for learning new things?!). Don’t forget for a bit of reflective splash you can try a Rocket Fuel reflective scarf.

Next up is headbands, clips, bows and anything you can add to your hair to help either keep it in place or cover a multitude of sins. I am forever finding all kinds of new clips and bows and love using them in my hair to change the look of it or add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise plain outfit. If you are feeling a bit craft check out these great D.I.Y’s from Craft on a knitted bow headband or  I spy D.I.Y on how to get the look for less.

So now never again can the phrase “but I’ll get helmet hair” ever stop you from riding your bike. A few simple accessories and you’ll always be riding in style.


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