Rocket Fuel in training – new goals

Hope everyone had a great long weekend last weekend, we had a good rest, did some training and enjoyed some good food it was really lovely.

But now the training is back on and with more focus. In under a month am having a short holiday which I am really looking forward to. So to help motivate myself am using it for a goal. I want to be leaner, stronger and lighter by the time I get to that holiday. Here is how I am hoping to do that

– get stricter with my food. I’ve been slacking for a few weeks and not really counting my calories and the odd treat has turned into a treat too many. So it’s back to 1200 calories a day high protein, lots of vegetables and plenty of water.

– no more cheat meals. The weekly cheat meal is a great motivational tool. But for the next 4 weeks am going to forego my cheat meal and stick to my regular meals. It’s only 4 weeks so it’s not too long a time period and if it means that when I’m on holiday I’m lighter and fitter then it’s totally worth it.

– running 3 times a week. Am still doing the couch 2 5k program, this Sunday makes it week 8 (only goes till week 9). Once the program is over will hopefully be running at least 5km three times a week.

– cycling at least 4 times a week (plus regular day to day riding to the shops etc). Am able to ride longer and faster and my injured wrist is not being too painful so the plan is to keep riding and add in distance, hills, repeats etc and just keep going

– kettlebell at least 5 times a week. I had been doing less kettlebells while I was starting to learn to run. I couldn’t get my legs to recover fast enough and was constantly aching. So I slowed down the amount I did for a few weeks and have been gradually building it back up. Now is the time to hit them hard again and mix up my program. Want to go up a bell size for swings and work on some different exercises to help burn fat and make the workouts more variable which means they are less dull (the more you do the same thing over and over the less exciting it is, by mixing it up you keep the excitement level up and gives you extra incentive to make it work).

So can I go four weeks with perfect focus and meet my goals? Not sure but am sure going to try.


2 responses to “Rocket Fuel in training – new goals

  1. I am in awe of you! Will not recognize you anymore. Good luck with all your goals hon I am sure your achievements will be quite legendary. X

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