30 days of biking – day 30 – the one where I forgot to take a photo

Yep it’s the last day and I forgot to take a photo!

So here are the stats as always

Ride – across to Ultimo to check out a new vintage bike shop, then into the city to do messages and then home again.

Time – mid morning to post lunch

Weather – was raining is now just cloudy

Where – Ultimo, City, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Tally – days biking 26, days not biking 4, number of rides 27

What I learnt from 30 days of biking – that I don’t ride every day. If you’d asked me at the start of the month I would’ve said yes I do but when it came down to it I don’t.

What I regret from 30 days of biking – not taking the opportunities while they were there. If the weather is good and I have the time I should get out on a bike and just ride. Because trying to find time to ride on busy days is difficult so when things are slow get riding!

What I liked most about 30 days of biking – um 2 things, 1 the riding, 2 the photos. Most of the time I only took 1 photo. So while I was out I would snap one pic and that would be the one I would use. Occasionally this backfired (like when I forgot or when my camera lost the photos) but overall it helped me get my photography eye back again.

Would I do it again – yes for sure would do it again. Think I might keep up the habit of taking a photo on each of my rides to help document my rides but also as extra incentive to just get out and spin those wheels.


3 responses to “30 days of biking – day 30 – the one where I forgot to take a photo

  1. Hi there,
    Your 30 days of riding inspired me to do my own cycle log, which I’m keeping as a tally of all my cycling 🙂

    Could you tell me what the name of the bike shop in Ultimo is?

    Many thanks!

    • The food on your blog is divine! yum (good thing lunch isn’t far away because now I am hungry!).

      The bike place I went to in Ultimo is called Pedallin Pete’s they sell mostly old and reconditioned bikes. I don’t think they do services or parts just the vintage bikes. They are at 44 Wattle St.

      We should catch up sometime and do a bike food crawl.

  2. Aw thanks! I love your beautiful vintage cycling wear!

    Thanks for the bike shop details and yes, let’s definitely meet up sometime and do that bike food crawl! (Every time I read about a place around the city that I’d like to go to, I immediately check if it’s on a bike route, on my cycle map!) It sounds like you know lots of cycle ways yourself, so yes, very keen!!
    If you want, email me at spottedpufferfish at gmail dot com. 🙂

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