Riding in style – Tights, tights, tights

I love tights, patterned, printed, coloured all of them. When I say tights it is what many people refer to as pantyhose. Stockings involve garter belts, pantyhose or tights do not but I hate the word pantyhose so choose to use the word tights.

Love them no matter what they are called. They keep you warm and can make an outfit fun or quirky or sexy or dressed up. Plus they are awesome on the bike. Why are they awesome on the bike

  • keep you warm
  • allow full movement with no restriction
  • means you don’t flash your knickers to passerbys
  • look fantastic
  • can be worn with a multitude of outfits
  • can turn your favourite summer dresses, skirts and shorts into winter riding outfits

Downsides of wearing them on the bike, snags. Every so often I get a few pulls. So before wearing your favourite tights on the bike check a few things

  • do you have a smooth saddle with no heavy stitching particularly on the sides of the nose of the saddle
  • cables that your legs touch when you ride (brake cables can sometimes be close to the top tube near where your legs will be moving)
  • bottle cages (am sure this is only a problem when I pull up at lights and step too far forwards).

Considering tights are cheap and come in such a huge array they are a sure fire way to add some style to your ride no matter your budget.


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