Rocket Fuel in training – Rocktape

Over the Easter long weekend I wanted to get in some more riding, sadly some pretty horrid weather prevented much of it but I did manage to get in a ride on Good Friday. Up early decided to do half the Tour de East (the name given to the ride that takes in almost all the coastal suburbs of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney). The half I was tackling was down to Bondi up Military Road to Watson’s Bay and then up and down the bays and hills with the finish a punishing ride up the short but steep hill to King’s Cross.

It was my first time doing hills since my wrist was injured. So in an effort to ensure that my wrist would remain usable I taped up using some Rocktape (hey if it held Cadel together to battle on during the Tour last year it should help me ride a few hills in Sydney).

After taping up my wrist and pulling on my gloves that was the last time I thought about my wrist and that was perfect. Till now I’ve been niggled by it getting increasingly painful while I ride and hills are out as the strain just makes it ache too much. But with the Rocktape none of that happened. Will certainly be using the Rocktape more often and hopefully tackling more hills.


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