In the studio – 3 things I never knew were so great

Today I was looking round the studio and chose the first 3 things that are now part of my everyday life that I might never have used if I hadn’t made a healthy lifestyle a priority.

1. The weather. Each morning besides the glance out the window technique I always check out the BOM that way I know if it’s a long sleeve jersey or just an armwarmers type of ride.

2. Performance socks. While I know and have worked with performance fabrics I’ve always thought socks are well just socks. Then I tried some performance socks and wow they make such a difference. Am now a total convert to performance socks and feel bad for ever doubting their worth. All my other socks are now in danger of being made into sock animals to give me a reason to buy more performance socks to wear.

3. Camelback water bottles. I remember the fuss when these came out and no one could think how you could improve on the original water bottle design. Improve the design they certainly did. These are now my go to bottle and I use them not only on the bike but in my bags (never leave the house without a bottle of water). The locking system helps prevent any spills when they are in your bag so they are just perfect.

So what are your go to essentials for leading a healthy life?


2 responses to “In the studio – 3 things I never knew were so great

  1. Great post. I am pricing different mountain bikes myself. I don’t know much about them I just know that I want (and need) one. I have two herniated discs in my lower back and scheduled for surgery this month. With that said, impact activities such as running are out of the question. However, I can still get a great cardio workout with a good mountain bike (not to mention save a lot of gas by riding to work instead of driving my gas guzzler). What kind of bike do you have, and what do you recommend for $400 – $500? I am working on opening a new fitness center and want to incorporate spin classes. Only mine will not be stationery bikes as those are really bad on your joints due to repetitive motion. I will add you blog as a link on my site.

    • Hi Duane,

      Good luck with your surgery that sounds painful, hopefully once that’s taken care of you’ll be all ok?

      Checked out your blog, nice plans with the fitness centre. Have you ever tried kettlebells? They are my weapon of choice when it comes to fitness and weightloss think you might like the body mechanics behind them.

      Going to double check with some mountain bike friends who have a bit more knowledge than me on what’s best and will get back to you with some suggestions. I currently ride a road bike, and a mountain bike and a BMX depending on what I’m up to (if I had more room I’d probably have even more bikes just for the fun of it).

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