Riding in style – sunglasses

Like many people I own quite a few sunglasses and can narrow down what I will and won’t buy in a pair pretty quickly

  1. do my eyelashes touch any part of the glasses? If the answer is yes then I don’t buy them.
  2. do they actually block out the sun? Having been caught out wearing a “fashion” pair of lenses and ending up with an enormous headache from squinting all day I vowed to never again wear lenses that don’t block out the glare.
  3. do they give me a blind spot. On the bike I want to be able to quickly glance behind me make sure the traffic is clear and move to where I want to go. Not check, go and then discover there was a car in my blind spot that is now bearing down on me. Make sure your frame isn’t blocking your vision.

On the road bike I swear by my Oakley Radar‘s which I love as they are lightweight, no blind spot, no glare and my eyelashes don’t touch them. Quite possibly they are the perfect glasses for me.

However they don’t exactly look great with a dress and heels when I’m off to a meeting so I have a number of more fashionable pieces that go with that kind of look and am always hunting for more. They must however meet the criteria I need for the bike if they don’t then they are off the buy list. Hopefully one day I’ll find a pair that look fashionable and work as perfectly as my Oakley Radars.


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