Rocket Fuel in training – I love soup!

Oh how much do I love soup? so much! It’s pretty much one of my all time favourite foods. It is super easy to make, it can take either lots of ingredients or barely any at all, it freezes and re heats really well and if you make it from scratch and are careful with your ingredients and quantities it’s good for you too.

A few years back I bought an enormous soup pot, if it was ever filled to the top I’m not sure I could even lift it from the stove? But it is awesome because it means I can cook up huge amounts of soup and then ladle it into containers for freezing and hey presto, fast healthy food is always on hand.

One of the biggest things I find when I am trying to keep track of food intake is that I get sidetracked trying to find something to cook then I start to snack on other foods and before I’ve realised I’ve just eaten all that meals calories and not even had the meal yet. So my solution is soup. Make a huge pot and freeze into single meal portions then at breakfast time pull out a frozen block of it and by lunch time is ready to heat up.

If you make a couple of different flavours and freeze them up you’ll have a whole stack of flavours to choose from all the time.

Need some flavour inspiration? Check this fantastic article on soup from the New York Times and then get cooking!


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