Japan holiday – day 1 – transit

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing photos and exciting finds from my recent holiday in Japan.

With weeks if not months of research leading up to the trip it was so exciting to be finally on the move. Big thanks to all who helped out with suggestions via Twitter and facebook and to Hello Sandwich for making her most excellent and informative Tokyo guide. If you are planning a trip get yourself a copy of her guide it’s great!

After finally getting the cat out of the luggage

we headed off to Japan. First leg of the flight took us up to Cairns for a few hours and then on to Narita. With a virtually empty flight there was room to stretch out over a few seats and get some sleep.

A train trip into the city we headed straight for the hotel as it was already getting late. In Tokyo we stayed at The Kangaroo it’s slightly out of the main area but is super clean, cute and affordable.

The lobby

The stairs up to the first floor

Our Japanese style room

Kangaroo hotel exterior taken during the day


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