Japan holiday – day 2 – Tokyo

Our first day in Tokyo was fine so we headed out from the Kangaroo hotel and towards Asakusa one of the oldest remaining Temples in Tokyo.

While we were there we had this great old guy come up and ask us all kinds of questions about why we were visiting and where we are from and what are the Japanese tourists like to see in Australia. He was fantastic and held a very broad view of the world and even pulled out an English language newspaper for us to help explain some particular words for him. He thought it was so great that young people can visit all over the world and only wished that more people would get out and travel and see what is going on around them.

Even though I planned most of what we’d get to see during the trip there was one thing I really wanted to see but wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance to and that was seeing someone make soba noodles. I’d seen it on TV and they use a huge rolling pin and get the dough flatter and flatter and keep refolding and use this wooden board and huge knife to cut them. I find it absolutely fascinating. I was super excited to see a chef in the front window of his restaurant in Asakusa making them. I got a few pictures and even a tiny video. It’s no surprise to learn that my new cooking challenge to myself is to make soba (will let you know how I get on).

From there we headed towards Akihabara and on the way made sure we took a walk down Kappabashi-dori also known as kitchen street or kitchen town. For anyone with even a passing interest in cooking this street is a treasure trove! It supplies the wholesale items to all of Tokyo. From piles of plates to plastic food displays this street has it all. Highly recommended for all visitors to Tokyo.

Now it was time to assault our senses by entering the multi story Yobadashi electronics store in Akihabara. This place is huge and has a non stop music overlayed with announcements in Japanese and English playing at a loud volume, combine this with some 80 000 odd electronic devices and it is one crazy place.

Then it was time to Shibuya and the famous Shibuya crossing. So many people! Was fun to watch them all come and go.

Shibuya itself looked a bit duller than when I had visited previously as some of the lights and billboards have been turned off in an effort to conserve power. With the recent events the city is very much into power saving mode and everyone is pitching in to do their it to help so lights were low or off in many places.

Checked out some of my favourite stores like Loft and Tokyu Hands (creative life store.

Grabbed some curry for dinner at this great little place I had been to previously.  With so much walking and site seeing it was a relief to get back to the hotel for some sleep.


2 responses to “Japan holiday – day 2 – Tokyo

  1. Oh that’s really lovely to hear about everyone in Japan pitching in to conserve energy, although disappointing about the lights of Shibuya… (Did you know that Tokyoites have all started to go in to work an hour earlier (of their own volition), just to conserve more power? How incredible is that? Did you see much plastic food in Kitchen Town? When we went, the BF and I got OBSESSED with the replica plastic sushis and bowl noodles for some reason…

    • I didn’t know about them going to work early, though it doesn’t surprise me it seemed very much an attitude of lets all get through this together.

      Oh the plastic food is so ace! I really wanted to bring some home for my niece who loves to play with but we were afraid it was so real she might attempt to eat it. I was also tempted to buy the plastic tofu to carry with me to make asking for vegetarian food easier.

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