Rocket Fuel in training – training while overseas and on holidays

Even though I’ve named this post training while overseas and on holidays, truth be told is that I didn’t. I had high hopes and packed my running gear and hoped to run in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and maybe around the streets of Kyoto but I didn’t. Those trainers and run gear stayed in my bag.

The reason they staid in my bag wasn’t pure laziness though. It was from sheer tiredness and footpain. Each day we were overseas we walked at least 10km, some days it was much much more. At the end of each day I couldn’t wait for a shower and to sit down just to get the weight off my feet for a bit. Thank goodness I had good walking boots to wear or I think my poor feet might have exploded.

Combine the walking with food issues (see this afternoon’s Japan holiday wrap up for more details on that) and I thought I’d come home weighing more than I left as I just felt a bit off kilter with all my food and training habits. I was however pleasantly surprised to find I weighed in more than 2 kilos under the weight that I left with. I can’t believe I managed to go on holidays and come home lighter!

Now the challenge is to try and keep that extra 2 kilos off and get back into my training regime.


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