Japan holiday – day 10 – Tokyo, bears, dogs and bunnies

Today was utterly exhausting! We got back to the Kangaroo late last night and put some washing on and repacked our bags. We figured with only one night left we wanted to make sure we had enough room to fit everything into our bags.

I’d not long gone to sleep but wasn’t yet in deep sleep when I was suddenly woken, disorientated I couldn’t figure out what was happening when I heard the Englishman say “it’s ok it’s just an earthquake”. Half asleep it all felt very odd like being shaken from side to side but bigger somehow. It only lasted a few moments and all was quiet again.

In the morning we made a plan of all the places we wanted to re visit, pick things up and take a look at for the day.

First stop, back at kitchenware street to pick up some pieces. Spotted this very cool plate delivery bicycle.

From there we went to Akihabra electronics district to take a look at some of the comic and toy collectables stores. Fell in love with way too much vintage Star Wars merchandise but managed to resist buying out the entire store. Next on our list was Ginza. Not wanting to revisit the day of fail when it came to food we found this yummy looking rice bento (which was mostly vegetarian).

While we’d been in Kyoto we’d started collecting stamps from the JR train stations. Now that we knew what to look for we started spotting them in Tokyo and added to our collection.

Would love to know the story behind the stamps. Is it some kind of collector game for kids? Is it just for big train nerds? It doesn’t appear to be for tourists as it has almost no English signage on them at all. Not only were they fascinating the images were really beautiful.

Ginza was shut down to car traffic and opened up for bikes and pedestrians. It even had chairs and tables in the middle of the street!

We did some shopping and when we came back on the street my feet were just aching. We thought we’d enjoy the sunshine and sit down on the curb for a bit. I am so glad we did this because not only did my feet need a break by taking a rest we spotted the best ever wiener dog. Now as many of you know we keep count of our wiener dog sightings, in Japan the count skyrockets as they seem to be the small dog of choice. We saw some almost every day. But this one was the best sighting ever.

He’s wearing pants and a shirt and a natty hat!!! So exciting and so adorable. He had his eye on that food and was rewarded for being a good dog and sitting still while his owner ate.

After the spotting of the ultimate wiener dog it was over to Shibuya to check out a store selling be@rbricks to add to our collection. A tiny little store it had a great selection and the sales assistant even snuck 2 free limited edition be@rbricks into our bag. Awesome loot as they are not available anywhere else but from that store.

Tokyu Hands was next on my list and I took the time to well and truly stock up on Japanese stationary, craft items and MT tape! Clothing stores were next on our shopping list and we spent some time picking up some pieces. I got some “goal pieces” for summer. So when all my training pays off I’ll have some new clothes to wear.

In search of more be@rbricks we’d read that Isetan in Shinjuku might be a good place to get some. Sadly it seemed they didn’t stock them anymore. Possibly it was a pop up shop instore? We’re not sure, but while we were in Shinjuku we took a look at some of the Pachinko and games arcades. The Pachinko parlours are really loud and vaguely confusing. We tried to figure out how it all worked but even watching people we had no idea what was going on. The games arcades were easier to figure out and even had demon looking bunnies to win.



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