Rocket Fuel in training – still training

I’ve got nothing exciting to write about this week training wise as am settling back into routine after being away, which kind of looks like this

  • Sunday – run (35mins which is just over 5km)
  • Monday – kettlebell – long session
  • Tuesday – run (35mins, 5km)
  • Wednesday – kettlebell – long session
  • Thursday – run (35mins, 5km)
  • Friday – kettlebell – long session
  • Saturday – rest

Am hoping to step it up again the coming week by adding in some cycling and on the run days throw in additional short kettlebell sessions. So far I seem to work best if I build up to it and then maintain once it’s a routine.

I’m working on some other ideas and goals but haven’t figured out the whole plan yet, will let you know when I do.


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