The Daily Tweed – announcing the Tweed Games!

Each year after the actual ride of the Tweed Ride has finished it’s been lovely to stay for awhile and share a cup of tea and talk bikes. This year we are bringing some added fun and friendly competition with the Tweed Games!

There will be some fantastic prizes on offer so make sure you get your “training” in for the Tweed Games.

Events include

1 – for the culinary types there will be a prize for best looking picnic blanket so scones/cupcakes cake etc. Why not grab a group of friends and do the ride together and set out a nice spread at the end of the ride to wow people with your cooking and presentation skills. Extra points for those who transport it all by bike.
2 – for the sartorial types there will be an elegant race. You will need to tie your tie then handle a full cup of tea on a saucer and get over a set distance the fastest while keeping a full cup of tea. The tea then needs to be drunk, with full pinky finger extension being required. Extra points for fantastic facial hair and for doing the race in high heels and extra extra points for anyone who does more than a schoolboy knot with their tie.
3 – style competitions with prizes going out for

  • best dressed female
  • best dressed couple
  • best dressed couple
  • most vintage

4 – best promenade – couples will need to promenade a set course. Those with the most elegant bearing throughout win, extra points for regal waving to the crowds.
5 – most crafty – did you make your outfit? fashion a fascinator? prizes for the best tweed craftiness


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