The Daily Tweed – the original London Tweed Run

The London Tweed Run was the one that started it all.

Photo by Roxy Erickson

It was the inspiration for our Sydney Tweed Ride. The London ride was held in February and I remember seeing the photos and thinking just how amazing it looked and wanting to have a ride like that here. Since February in Sydney is more swimwear weather than Tweed we had to wait until our winter to be able to don out best apparel and go for a ride.

By that time London had already inspired rides in many other cities and we were beaten by a single day of being the first Tweed Ride in Australia (Canberra had theirs on the Saturday and Sydney was on the Sunday).

Now in it’s third year the Sydney ride grows each year and still looks at the London Tweed Run for inspiration and being thankful that they had such a wonderful idea to get people dressed up and on their bikes.

Why did the name get changed from a run to a ride? The use of the word run as in a journey or travel is not widely used here in Australia. If you said I’m going for a run people think marathon not a pop to the shops. So to avoid confusion it was changed to the word ride. Also the London lads have the copyright to the “London Tweed Run” and while we hold them in the greatest of esteem we didn’t want to take their name.

For more inspiration from London take a look at their site.


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