Rocket Fuel in training – the food of a Tour de France rider

I’m so fascinated by what a tour rider eats each day. How do they get the energy to race and recover day after day and is it really exciting to get your lunch handed to you each day in a musette?

These are the things I think about while watching the tour. So I was super excited to find this article which is what Thor ate one day during the tour.

A Day in the Stomach of Thor Hushovd



Toast with ham

2-egg omelet



On the bike:

4-6 CLIF bars

2 packs CLIF shot blocks

2-3 CLIF gels

6-8 bottles of team race drink

Rice cake

Small panini sandwich

On the bus after the stage:


Curry chicken or tortilla la patata

2 bottles of team recovery protein drink


Stuffed tomatoes and zucchini with curry rice

Beet salad



Stewed turkey with prunes



It sounds pretty good really (except for the gels am not a fan of them, they are a weird texture for me).

Then I found this article on what his almost vegan team mate Dave Zabriskie is eating in a day


Oatmeal with black strap molasses; whole food optimizer; cacao nibs; nuts; cinnamon; two tablespoons of coconut butter; an apple; hemp seeds and flax seeds

On-the-Bike Snacks:

Six Clif Bar Z bars (vegan); two Clif Bar shot blocks (vegan); two Clif Bar gels (vegan); dates; six to eight bottles of special team race drink

On the Bus, Post-Race:

White rice with maple syrup and cinnamon; vegan protein shake;

two bottles of special team recovery protein drink; goji berries

Before Dinner:

Vegan protein shake


White rice or pasta; salad with leafy greens; vegetables —including broccoli, spinach, carrots and beets.


Fresh fruit and a vegan protein shake before bed

Some of that sounds really yummy and certainly gives me ideas of what to take on my future long rides.


2 responses to “Rocket Fuel in training – the food of a Tour de France rider

  1. Damn, I eat almost that much and ride about 7 per cent as far!

    those clif bars are awesome though, ate tons of those when I was in the US…

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