The Daily Tweed – picnic inspiration

This year as part of the Tweed Games that will be happening post ride one of the prizes will be going to the best dressed picnic blanket. So here is a post choc a block filled with inspiration for the best picnic ever.

Click on the images to be taken to the recipes.

via H&M

Raspberry topped lemon muffins via Smitten Kitchen

I made a batch of the raspberry lemon muffins the other night to taste test and wow yummo!

Inside out Neapolitan cake from Sweetpolita

I dream of being able to cook a cake that looks that good!

Or if cookies are more your thing how about these icecream style ones?

Icecream cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle

Pink Rainbow cake from Call Me Cupcake

So these are pretty fancy cakes but they are here to give you inspiration to whip up something from a batch of scones to cucumber sandwiches bring your picnic blanket and have a great time hanging out with everyone after the Tweed Ride.

See you all there! oh and if you have other recipes or inspiration you’d like to share add them in the comments am always looking for new recipes!


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