The Daily Tweed – dapper inspiration

One thing that really stands out for the Tweed Ride is just how handsome all the lads look in their dapper attire so today we’ve got some inspiration for you to help with planning your outfits.

Bow Ties

This stunning bow tie is called “Parisian Nights” from Le Noeud Papillon who make a breathtaking range of bow ties. A selection of the range can be found at the Strand Hatters who are offering a discount to anyone attending the Sydney Tweed Ride.

Neck Ties

These limited edition ties from General Knot & Co will be sure to propel you to the top of the style stakes.

Tie Pin

Add a little bit of whimsy to your outfit with a bicycle tie pin! This is from cuftlynx on etsy.


A vintage tweed boutonniere from Rocket Fuel.

Always remember a spectacular outfit is not in the big pieces but in the details.


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